Residential Investment Svcs.

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Residential Leasing and Management Services LP, was originally established by the 

Wright family in 2007, as a Kansas-based real estate investment and management 

company. We specialized in residential property management. The company ceased 

operations in Kansas in 2017. Our family relocated to Texas and the company was 

re-established in the Houston area in 2019 as Residential Investment Svcs. LLC. 

(RIS),  a more investment focused company. During this time, our emphasis was on 

joining and becoming active in real estate investor groups in the Houston market. 

Making the necessary contacts, building relationships with other investors, contractors, 

handymen, real estate professionals and key people in our community. Forming the 

network of resources, that would be essential to our success in implementing our 

investment strategy. We are a family oriented business, focused on growth.  

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