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Our Investment Strategy

At Residential Investment Svcs, our strategy is to identify and acquire investment properties where there is potential for us to add value. These properties will be located in areas capable of meeting our financial goals for each property held for leasing or offered for retail sale. All investment property held will be managed in-house with management goals of preserving and enhancing the value of our portfolio, with particular emphasis on maintaining each property's ability to attract and retain quality tenants/buyers.  We feel this approach will produce higher rental rates, lower vacancy rates, improve our targeted neighborhoods overall and produce the highest return on investment possible.


Residential Investment Svcs. (RIS) invests primarily in  undervalued off-market single family and small multi-family properties throughout the Houston, Harris County area.

  • (RIS) invests in targeted neighborhoods and cities where positive population and job growth exists.
  • (RIS) will identify and acquire off-market properties that are discounted below market price.
  • Assets purchased must have the potential to produce adequate cash flow and potential appreciation that meets our financial goal for each property.
Buy and Rehab
Investment Analysis

RIS uses intensive due diligence and thorough financial analysis to capitalize on investment opportunities.

  • All properties will go through an extensive financial analysis to determine our purchasing and exit strategies.
  • An inspection will be conducted to verify the property's overall condition and projected repair estimates.
  • Depending on the exit strategy of each property, selected units will go through some level of renovation to enhance its value.
  • Our team will manage all renovations to meet or exceed market standards for the area in which the property is located.
  • All property held will be managed in-house with emphasis on maintaining each property's ability to attract and retain quality tenant/buyers. 

Our property selection process produces the highest  potential for return on investment for our investor/partners.

  • No more than 75% loan to value invested in any property.

  • We offer: Low risk, high rates of return (9%-12% interest) secured by local real estate.                  
  • Timely, transparent investor reporting.
  • We are always seeking capital partners looking for a profitable way to invest their money.

Investment Options


Interested In Investing With Us?

If so, give us a call at 346-246-8899 to learn more about the options we offer. Or click on the button below to fill out our short partner information form and we'll get with you shortly.

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